There’s Another Kind Of Famine

Send Your manna
Lord into the desert
Your living water
To this barren land
Give us words to say
Give us love to share
It’s another kind of famine
But the Lord will lead
His people
By the hand
If they care

There’s another kind of famine
You don’t see it in their eyes
You don’t see the children dying
You don’t see the people cry
There’s a hidden kind of hunger
See the victims all around
They don’t even know they’re dying
They don’t even make a sound

Are you talking to the Father
Do you share your deep concerns
Or are you singing hallelujah
While the man beside you burns
Do you quench the Holy Spirit
Don’t you feel the need to pray
Are you feeding on the word of God
At the start of every day

Now the Father’s heart is calling
Now He asks whom He can send
To feed the hungry hearted
To love and not pretend
Will we be His faithful servants
And obey the Master’s voice
Will we cry out in the wilderness
If we’re His we have no choice

We’ll bring Your banner
Lord here in the desert
Your living water
To this barren land
You are the bread of life
We’re Yours Lord Jesus Christ
In another kind of famine
The Lord can feed
The people of this land