When I Pray

I was sold to slavery
My brothers moved by jealousy
Father’s favour to a well
My master’s favour to a prison cell
But still Your kindness stayed with me
I knew someday that You would set me free
Through it all Your grace was shown
My confidence in You has only grown

When I pray I feel that You are near
When I cry You’re there to dry my tears
When I shout You’re the only one who really hears
When I pray

I was in the field the day
That Your anointing came my way
Through the lion
Through the bear
From the giant to the kingdom’s chair
To weaknesses exposed of me
Cast me not away from TheeA
Create a brand-new heart in me

Praying in Gethsemane
I know You saw the ones like me
The cross You freely chose to bear
It was my sin that nailed You there
Now You meditate for me
So I can pray confidently
When I pray