Who Am I

As I feast my eyes upon the hills
And drink the colours of the sky
I hear the music whistle through the trees
But I feel the wind is passing by

As I stop to consider the stars
O what glory I see
It leads me back to the question again
O who am I
O who am I that He should want to die for me
Why so much pain
Why so much misery
Forsaken on a dirty tree

Who can climb His holy hill
Who will share His home
Clean hands and a heart as pure as snow
O I know He will not deny
O who is He that He should give so much
To one such as I
Why so much love from one who left
His home and Majesty
O man what are you
That you should deserve one such as He

When the naming of the stars is done
And man thinks he rules the sky
The giant question mark will still remain
O who am I
Who am I
Who am I