Your Love is Higher

Where can I go from Your Spirit
How can I escape Your love
Your love for me is
Deeper than the sea
And higher than
The heavens above

Where can I flee
From Your presence
Now that You abide in my heart
My heart is Your home
Your temple, Your throne
So what could ever
Keep us apart

Your love is higher
Than the heavens
Your love is deeper
Than the ocean
Nothing in creation could
Take me away from Your love
Your love, there is nothing greater
Your love
There is nothing stronger
You came to me
Gave Your life so I could be free

Who can explain Your mercy
Who can comprehend Your ways
You showed me Your grace
By taking my place and
Washing all my sorrow away

I just want to live in Your presence
Worship You with all my heart
Show me the way
Draw me closer each day
Don’t let anything keep us apart

(Repeat chorus)

I am persuaded that neither
Death nor life can separate us
From the love of Christ
Nothing in the present and
Nothing to come
Could take me away
From Your infinite love

(Repeat chorus twice)