Here Stands Jesus

Here stands Jesus He’s living here in me
Since I asked Him in my heart that day
He’ll stay eternally
There’s no reason to fear what is ahead
For with Jesus centreed in my life it’s by Him
That I’ll be led

Where is Jesus is He high upon a hill
Does He only come to me when I pray
Or when I’m very still
Well I know something that I must clearly say
I know where my Jesus is ev’ry single day

The world is shaking there is sadness all around
People search each day for the Way the Truth
And Life on solid ground
But I know Jesus is with me ev’ry day
He’s in my heart forever and I’m thankful I can say

Jesus You are my Rock and my Salvation
Jesus You are the sunshine in my day
Jesus You are the King of ev’ry nation
You are the Truth You are the Life
You are the Way You are the Way