It’s Christmas Time, So Let’s Rejoice

Boys and girls come and lift your voice:
Bring your praise, give an offering
And worship Christ the King!

A long time ago in a town called Bethlehem,
Mary had a son and down from heaven He came;
He lay in a stable, cause there was no room in the inn –
His name is Jesus and He is Christ the King.

An angel appeared to some shepherds and told them
How the saviour had been born in Bethlehem;
They left their sheep and went to go and look for Him
The shepherds went to worship Christ the King.

Some wise men seeking the saviour travelled far
They were led to the baby by a shining star.
Gold, frankincense and myrrh they brought as gifts for Him,
The wise men went to worship Christ the King.

This exciting story tells of Jesus’ birth,
How the Son of God came down from heaven to earth.
He came to give new life to all who trust in Him;
This Christmas we will worship Christ the King!