Let Us Open Up Ourselves

(So) Let us open up ourselves to one another
Without fear of being hurt or turned away
For we need to confess our weaknesses
To be covered by our brother’s love
To be real and learn our true identity

For we are all a part of one another
We cannot hope to live life fully on our own
We each possess a precious part
Of our Father’s nature
And together we’ll become that perfect whole

And God shall surely build His living temple
Of people set completely free
Loving and appreciating one another
Enjoying life in its entirety

Many shall be drawn to us and wonder
At the peace and the love
And the joy that will never die
They will drink from that stream of living water
Flowing out from the fullness of our lives

So help us to understand each other
In a new and living way
Not just accepting words
That are spoken in themselves
But by speaking more freely
And listening more clearly
We shall understand the Spirit that’s within