My Roving Heart

Let worldly minds the world pursue
It has no charms for me
Once I admired it’s trifles, too
But grace has set me free

It’s pleasure now no longer please,
No more content afford
Far from my heart be the joys like these,
Now I have seen the Lord.

As by the light of opening day
The stars are all concealed,
So earthly pleasures fade away
When Jesus is revealed

Creatures no more divide my choice;
I bid them all depart
His name, His love, His gracious voice
Have fixed my roving heart.

Now Lord I will be Thine alone
And wholly live to Thee
But I may hope that You will own
A worthless soul like me

Yes tho of sinners I am the worst
I cannot doubt thy will
For if Thou had not loved me first
I had refused thee still