Songs from every nation
Rising to Your throne
Saints in every generation
Singing for Your glory
Telling what You’ve done

From the north and south, we are crying out
There is hope in Jesus’ name

You’re amazing God, You’re amazing God
You can bear the weight of every heavy heart
You can heal the pain, You can clean the stain
You can turn our tears into songs of praise
You’re amazing God

Beauty rises from the ashes
Sorrow turns to gladness
When our God is near
You speak light into our darkness
You heal the broken-hearted
You wipe away our tears

Songs of praise surround us, songs of praise surround us
Hear it growing louder, we are growing louder

“We Can Hear It Growing Louder” is an inspiring Christian worship song that celebrates the power and greatness of our amazing God. With its uplifting lyrics and heartfelt melody, this song ignites a sense of unity among believers from every nation and generation. In these Lyrics, we will explore the message conveyed in this song, explaining its meaning in simple terms.

Verse 1: The song begins by expressing how songs of praise are rising to God’s throne from every nation. It acknowledges that saints have been singing and proclaiming God’s glory for generations. The lyrics highlight the significance of sharing the stories of what God has done, recognizing that our testimonies bear witness to His greatness.

Chorus: The chorus exalts God’s amazing nature and ability to carry every heavy heart’s burdens. It emphasizes His power to heal pain, cleanse stains, and transform our tears into songs of praise. The lyrics declare the awe-inspiring reality that our God is truly amazing and worthy of worship.

Verse 2: The lyrics speak of God’s transformative work in the second verse. It acknowledges that beauty can arise from the ashes of despair, and sorrow can be turned into gladness when God is near. It recognizes His ability to bring light into darkness, to heal the broken-hearted, and to wipe away our tears. The song highlights the hope and restoration found in God’s presence.

Bridge: The bridge emphasizes the increasing volume of songs of praise surrounding us. It speaks of the growing chorus of worship, becoming louder and more resounding. The lyrics invite us to join in this symphony of praise, recognizing the power and presence of God in our midst.

“We Can Hear It Growing Louder” is a powerful Christian worship song that unites believers in a collective expression of praise and adoration for our amazing God. The song’s inspiring lyrics remind us of God’s ability to bring transformation, healing, and joy. It encourages us to share our stories of His faithfulness and join the growing worship chorus. In lifting our voices together, we experience the power and presence of our amazing God, and our songs of praise become a testimony to His greatness.