Welcome To Hotel Bethlehem

Welcome to Hotel Bethlehem
We’re proud of what we do as you can tell
The finest hotel in the land
When you need service come and ring our bell
We’re here to do the best we can
We only hire the finest personnel
We cannot comprehend a place we’d recommend
More than Hotel Bethlehem
I am the owner of the inn and I am here to stay
I try to keep a friendly place to stay
My expertise is guaranteed to ev’ry visitor
And you may even see me sweep the floor
We are the maids
We make the beds and keep the hotel clean
How often we repeat the same routine
We change the sheets and bring you towels
And sweep up all the sand and turn around and
Do it all again

Welcome to Hotel Bethlehem
Where service is provided with a smile
We’re here to help you understand
We always try to go the extra mile
We’re here to lend a helping hand
We know we will impress you with our style
Our staff will always see to anything you need
Here at Hotel Bethlehem
I am the door man tall and proud
I greet you with a smile
I always try to go that extra mile
And I’m the bellman
Heavy bags for you I’ll gladly lift
And hope you will reward me with a tip
That brings us to the stable boy
Who works in dust and hay
Today he will be acting as valet
We are a team to bring you joy as
You complete your stay
We’re here to make you glad you came our way

We stand behind our mission statement pledge
We’re here to serve and we will do our best
We’ll provide your ev’ry need
And to your ev’ry wish we’ll heed
We will make your stay perfection
We will treat you with affection