Who can mend hearts that are broken? -Good news

Who can bring comfort to all those who mourn?
Who can bring light in the darkest times?
Who can bring peace to the fearful mind?

We have the answer, treasure to share,
Through our endeavour, God’s love is declared.
We have the answer, through us He brings
Good news to all the world!

Who can bring strength to those who faint?
Who can bring healing to all those in pain?
Who can bring hope that removes despair?
Who can bring friendship when nobody cares?

Who took the blame for our shameful ways?
Who mends the damage of our wasted years?
Who gives the guilty a second chance?
Who sets us free from the grip of the past?

All humankind soon will hear of God;
Millions are ready to speak of His love.
He sends His Spirit upon the church
To take His good news throughout all the world.

Noel Richards