I Put You There

This choice is haunting me
I never thought I’d see this moment come to pass
I thought innocence would last
The crowd has called Your name
And though I find no blame I sentence You to die
But still I question why

And now I see You on that cross
On that hill so far away
And though I said my hands I wash
My aching heart must say I put You there
There on that cross my words have nailed You
You wore the purple robe I gave You
I see the crown of thorns I made You
I put You there I put You there

Like sheep we’ve gone astray
We’ve travelled our own way
Down a dark and lonely road
While shouldering our load
As Pilate brought You shame
I’m guilty of the same each moment I abide
In sinfulness and pride
The healing of my broken heart
Is a measure of Your grace
And ev’ry tear and ev’ry scar
You have suffered in my place
I put You there